Get Involved

We Believe that Engagement Can Take Many Forms

It is about questioning the preconceptions, biases and behaviors that we all have, consciously or unconsciously. It is also about deconstructing the representations we have of others to find what unites us and makes us all human.

Start the Conversation

To get involved, you can start by having the conversation about discrimination with your family and social circle.

Join an Association Fighting Discrimination or Join an Organization

You can also support an association or organization that fights against discrimination. Otherwise, you have the choice to join a network, a platform, a collective, an association or an organization that promotes the interests of people of color (POC) in Switzerland. We suggest some below, but this list is not exhaustive.

Getting Involved at School / in Companies / in Institutions

To address the theme of discrimination at school or in companies / institutions, you can organize a screening of the film Je suis noires/Becoming A Black Woman.

Or you can contact us to organize a workshop, a round table or another project.

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