The Film

Je suis noires/Becoming A Black Woman is the first film in Switzerland that gives a voice to black Swiss women and denounces systemic racism in Switzerland and abroad. On 24 March
2023, it won the Swiss Film Award in the short film category.


In Switzerland, a land of neutrality, new voices are being raised, those of women who are fighting for the recognition of structural racism, deconstructing stereotypes, and claiming their dual Swiss and black identity. In this context, Rachel M’Bon begins her own quest for identity. On her way to emancipation, she questions her past, her present and holds up a mirror to her country and to her peers.

The strength and determination with which Rachel M’Bon confronts her past is the strength of this film, which is an important step towards opening a discourse that has been repressed for too long. In collaboration with Director Juliana Fanjul, the Swiss-Congolese journalist questions her country and paints the portrait of six protagonists. Each of them tells a story that reflects their personal journey toward liberation.

The Je Suis Noires Movement

This movement is a social impact strategy that attempts to assist, encourage, and empower Black women to positively redefine their self-perception and to rise together alongside their allies to expand the possibilities of social cohesion.
It began with the film Je suis noires/Becoming A Black Woman (English title) which was co-directed by Juliana Fanjul and Rachel M’Bon, journalist.

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